Summer Adventure Camp

summer 2019

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For the summer of 2019 we are offering four, two week camps and one mini camp! We are very excited about these adventures and can’t wait for camp to begin. This year we will have several community guests taking field trips TO US! Kona Ice (weekly visits), Nancy’s Fancy’s, Premiere Martial Arts, Paint and Bubbles Studio, Vottron and The Nutty Scientist, just to name a few. Each camp is unique and full of fun, creativity and hands on learning, all while having summer fun. We offer three and five day options, half day and full day. Our camps are open to all children, infants thru 12 years. Each camp’s curriculum is tailored to meet the fun level of each age group. Please check camps and schedule of choice and complete the bottom of the form. It’s time to bring on the summer fun!
Anchors Away June 3- June 14 Anchors Away as we kick off a summer camp that will go down in history as epic! Ports of call, as we travel through time for our first camp include Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, the Wild West and the future! With surprise way points along the way we are sure to have a blast as we kick off our summer of adventures. Supply Fee $25 per child (non refundable).
___T/W/Th 9-12 $185 ___T/W/Th 9-3 $300 ___M-F 9-12 $285 ___M-F 8-3 $480 ___M-F 8-5 $540
Edible Engineering June 17– 28 Food and STEM explorations! Have fun with science and food creations that you can eat! The fun includes a lollipop lab, solar oven smores, marshmallow engineering, chocolate slime, rock candy, edible stained glass and the list goes on! Supply Fee $25 per child (non refundable).
___T/W/Th 9-12 $185 ___T/W/Th 9-3 $300 ___M-F 9-12 $285 ___M-F 8-3 $480 ___M-F 8-5 $540
Ooey Gooey July 1-3 Slime, floam and everything gooey! Join us for a three day whirlwind of messy fun! Supply Fee $10 per child (non refundable).
____M/T/W 9-12 $95 ____M/T/W 8-3 $165 ____ M/T/W 8-5 $195
Ninjas vs. Pirates July 8-19 A joint venture with Premiere Martial Arts, this camp is guaranteed to entertain and engage students of all ages! Active learning, art activities , scavenger hunts and dramatic play. Supply Fee $25 per child (non refundable).
___T/W/Th 9-12 $185 ___T/W/Th 9-3 $300 ___M-F 9-12 $285 ___M-F 8-3 $480 ___M-F 8-5 $540
Music Makers & Art Masters July 22– August 2 Make music like Mozart, construct your own instrument, paint like Picasso or sculpt like Michelangelo. The possibilities are endless as we wrap up our summer adventures making music and creating art! Supply Fee $25 per child (non refundable).
___T/W/Th 9-12 $185 ___T/W/Th 9-3 $300 ___M-F 9-12 $285 ___M-F 8-3 $480 ___M-F 8-5 $540


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